We are passionate about what we do at Almaden Country Day School but you don't have to take our word for it. Alumni to current students, our families are enthusiastic about our teachers, programs, and experience.

We are also the proud winner of the 2017 Gold Medal for Schools in Silicon Valley from Bay Area Parent.

My children currently attend Almaden Country School. I have a son in 7th grade and a son in 4th grade. I can not say enough positive things about the teachers, administration, enrichment activities, overall community and academics. My older son started ACS in 6th grade, just a year ago. As a new student both he and our entire family were welcomed with enthusiasm! We were given all the support necessary in making our transition to a new school easy. My son had a fabulous and successful 1st year of middle school. He made many many friends, became involved with enrichment opportunities, bonded with his teachers and had a love for school. He has learned to self advocate for himself and his needs. The school continues to foster his growth in that direction on a regular basis.

Our family had such a positive experience with our older son that we decided to move our younger son over this year. Our younger son transitioned beautifully to Almaden Country School. In a quick couple of months, he has made friends that I know will be life-long. He loves his teachers and is excited to go to school each and every day. He decided to participate in the after school drama club program and just has the best time. Our new drama teacher is incredible to say the least! I look forward to the 4th grade play later this year.

Almaden Country School teaches to the whole child which is very important to our family. The values and teachings that the school believes in supports students academically and social and emotionally. The students learn in so many different ways. The teachers couldn't be better. ACS seeks to hire the best teachers and staff out there and they get them! Recently new teachers moved across the country to be a part of our amazing community!

The community at ACS is beyond welcoming in many ways. New families are partnered up with a host family that helps with the transition to ACS. The school hosts many community events that bring families closer together. At the beginning of this school year a big hit was a "food-truck" night at our school. Everyone came out with their families and enjoyed a night of music, good food, games and socializing.

Another big highlight of ACS is the trips that children in 4th - 8th grade take during their time at Almaden Country School. Last year my middle schooler went away for several days with his fellow 6th graders to Yosemite. He had a blast as did the rest of the kids. This year his 7th grade class just went away for 4 nights to Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles. The students became familiar with various water activities, team building games and bonded more as a class. These opportunities are really priceless. Our 4th grader will be going away to Gold Country later this year and he and his friends are already full of excitement and wonder.

Have you read this far? GREAT! I know it's a long review but I have such passion and enthusiasm for Almaden Country School. Our family made the perfect decision to be a part of ACS!!!"

I absolutely can not say enough good things about Almaden Country School. I could not have found a better fit for my two daughters and our family. ACS has provided my daughters a safe place to learn and are thriving in a classroom setting. My oldest daughter has been attending ACS since preschool and is now in Kindergarten and she LOVES to go to school. She feels safe there. She feels confident there. She has built long lasting friendships and has grown up so much, not just academically but also emotionally and socially, in just those 3 short years. ACS teaches to the "whole child" which I love...the students are so well rounded.

The teachers are amazing, the administration is great and welcoming, and the parents are so friendly and open. It's truly an amazing school and I couldn't be more happy with ACS. I am beyond elated that my girls are getting the opportunity to learn and grow at such a supportive and well rounded school."

"My daughter recently graduated from Almaden Country School (8th grade), after attending since 3rd grade. When I first read about ACS, I was impressed with their approach toward education -- it isn't just academics, it's partnering with the parents to raise a person with integrity, responsibility, self-determination and respect for self and others. Over the years, I found that approach to be unwavering.

If I were to go back to my daughter's third-grade year and have the opportunity to select a school for her based on what I know now, I would select ACS again without hesitation."


“Without ACS, I would not be the person I am today. They prepared me for everything in life. Not only did ACS help shape my personality but it helped to unlock my creativity. I am proud to say I am a student of Almaden Country School and no matter where life takes me I’ll always have ACS to thank for making me, me."
— Reese P., current 8th grader

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"Almaden Country School absolutely helped prepare me for high school and life. I still remember my "Keys of Kindness" [Thank you, Please, Excuse me, I'm sorry, You're welcome, and Let's share] and the lesson to be open to everything and everyone."

— Christian Wiebe, Class of 2015